sábado, 21 de marzo de 2020

A questionnaire for barefooters

- The Never-Told Story -


A topic increasingly addressed in the media, although not always sympathetically or knowingly, is the people for whom being barefoot is an essential part of their daily life, be it domestic or  "casual" in general, or even public and even professional or laboral.

But like all information, it's always better that which comes from inside, in this case, from the barefooters themselves, who can explain their motivations, relate their experiences and present their expectations directly.

It's why this questionnaire -originally intended as a guide for interviewing a fellow barefooter- prepared according to my personal experience, but that each one can modify so that it reflects as faithfully as possible his own subjective, individual perception of this expression of cultural diversity, always more valid than the usual social prejudices and conventions -because if you don't explain what you do, another will do it for you, but AGAINST YOU!


1. Hello! What is your name?

2. Since when have you being barefoot?

3. How did you start doing it?

4. Did something or someone in particular inspire you?

5. How did you feel the first time you did it?

6. Going barefoot regularly or frequently, has get your life changed in any way?

7. Do you feel that it has opened new horizons for you?

8. Has it influenced your relationships with others?

9. Does it make you feel more esteemed, if not by all, at least by some?

10. Do you know other barefoot people?

11. If someone were interested in doing it, what advice would you give him (her)?

12. Do you consider yourself a "expert" barefooter?

13. What would you change in terms of social customs and uses to feel more comfortable barefoot?

14. Do you think that practically all daily activities could be done barefoot?

15. Why do you think most people don't?

16. If there were public places like parks, galleries, cafes, dance floors, etc. where to meet and socialize barefoot, do you think more people would go barefoot regularly?

17. Apart from the ones you already master, what other environments and floors would you like to try?

18. Does being barefoot lead you to separate yourself from others almost necessarily?

19. Do you previously design some kind of itinerary for your barefoot adventures?

20. Do you know of any barefoot community in your environment?

21. How do you see the barefoot movement today?

22. What is missing it or where should it go?

23. Do you think the time will come when being barefoot is as accepted as now wearing footwear?

24. How do you think this process will take place?

25. Aside from persevering yourself in barefooting, what else could you do to become this a reality?

Fernando Acosta Reyes (@ferstarey) is founder of the Investigative Society of  the Strange (SIDLE), professional musician and student of social behavior.

Image: Internet